The Town of Franklin was founded in 1855.

New town hall and shop 2019
One of our Local Large Dairys
One of our Recent Bridge Replacements
Original Town Shop 1938
Historical Marker Made with Local Limestone
Iron Buffalo- Destination Bar
New Equipment Warehouse 2019
New Salt and Sand Shed 2019

The township was originally settled in 1847 and by 1855 felt a need for local government. Franklin is considered to be the 9th township recognized of the 18 townships in Manitowoc County

Originally meetings for the public were held in officers of the town’s homes.

In 1938 a small shop for road maintenance equipment was built in Taus, Wisconsin, the geographic center of the township under the leadership of Jos. Menchal, Town Chairman.

An addition to that facility was built in the early 80’s which served as Town Hall and records storage.

In 2006 that facility was remodeled to provide offices and a formal meeting room.

In 2018 the present facility was built by Keller Inc.

The facility was designed to incorporate the Town Hall, Road Maintenance Facility, Salt/Sand storage, Equipment and Material Storage Warehouse, and Recycling Facility.

The complete Campus we constructed without taxpayer funding. In 2016 the township became a site for an electrical power transfer station, and was awarded funding as the host site, and annual compensation for the area the facility occupied.

The Wisconsin Public Service Commission based the granting of the project on the key factors of including an education facility within the complex, and a financial arrangement the town took part in to improve internet service in the community with Cloud 1, a locally based internet company that builds, operates, and markets internet services in the area.

The educational portion of the facility is open to area improvement groups, schools, conservation groups, and service clubs, at a no charge basis. It is not available for rental for entertainment purposes or family gatherings.

The town remains primarily rural, with an  emphasis on dairy and crop agriculture. It serves as a rural residential area for citizens employed in the nearby Fox Valley, Green Bay, Manitowoc, and  Two Rivers, Wisconsin. The Town also has a strong Amish Community in the Southwest portion of the township, where they offer agricultural products and an extensive lumber milling and wood frame construction facility.

The township has its own zoning and works to make living in the Township an enjoyable experience for all citizens. Most of our funding comes from the annual revenue from the Waste Management-Ridgeview Site of which we are the host community, so the residents enjoy no township tax levy.

The town board that commissioned the building of the complex was as follows: Jerold L. Korinek-Chairman
John O. Dugan-Supervisor
David Peters-Supervisor
Cary Nate- Clerk
Christina Hill-Treasurer
Matt Bubolz-Highway Superintendent