Updating Assesments for 2022

The Town of Franklin will be updating assessments for 2022

Due to the strong real estate market and to remain in compliance with Wisconsin Department of Revenue standards, a revaluation of all assessed values will be completed for 2022.  The last time the Town had a complete revaluation was 2004.

The new 2022 assessed values will reflect any changes to your property along with adjustments due to current market conditions

In November 2021 the assessor will drive around updating all exterior photos.  Most photos will be taken from the road, however if there is a lot of buildings or if buildings are set back a distance from the road the assessor may need to drive into the yard of a property.  The assessor will have signs on the vehicle identifying who he is.

If you own a property that may have had buildings removed or fallen down in the past 17 years please call the assessor to verify that they will no longer be assessed.

The new assessments will be mailed in Summer of 2022.

If you have any questions or need to get ahold of the assessor please call 920-468-9698, week days 8:00-4:00.

Joe Denor

Fair Market Assessments